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Briefs from the Evening Books – Le Soir

Briefs from the Evening BooksThe evening Source link https://plus.lesoir.be/357610/article/2021-02-28/les-breves-des-livres-du-soir

Diane Bergeron explores a “zero contact” world | Books | Arts – The Sun – Capitales Médias Group

Diane Bergeron explores a “zero contact” world | Books | ArtsThe Sun - Capitales Media Group Source link https://www.lesoleil.com/arts/livres/diane-bergeron-explore-un-monde-zero-contact-50c053da75bf8a29921685a0f5e6e8c2

franceinfo junior books. “Tâvutatèt” and “Jeanne, the daughter of Doctor Loiseau”, the two new heroines of Carole Trébor

Change of scenery now, with The Gift of Kiki de Montparnasse, first volume of the new series Doctor Loiseau's daughter published by Albin...

Books: in the Morvan with Sandrine Collette, builder of the best-seller

One drizzle chases the other before giving way to a few rays of sun. Winter light falls on the rolling hills of the...

Books: “In the heart of the Fern”, a superb trip to the land of the All Blacks

Behind the words and images, the life of an oval world both magical and mysterious flows like a refreshing waterfall along mesmerizing pages. ...

Redwall: Netflix acquires rights to 22 Redwall books

Netflix has purchased the rights to Brian Jacques' entire Redwall (Rougemuraille) book series and is working on an animated feature film and TV series...

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